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Namuccayan---The Way Things Were

  Namuccayan at dusk                                                        Picture taken by Hannah C. Andres, September 2020 Namuccayan---The Way Things Were   After a harrowing fifteen-hour travel from my base in Quezon City, I was finally in Namuccayan, the small village I grew up in. I knew that my mother was inside our old battered house waiting for me, but I did not enter our humble abode right away. Instead, I looked around and noticed the many changes that took place during my long absence. It’s both funny and bittersweet how the memories of yesteryears came flooding to me in a split-second. I leisurely walked around. Each step took me back to the distant past, when life in my beloved farming village was simple and laid back. I recalled with deep nostalgia that long time ago, when the school year would be   over and when the scorching heat would make the ground powdery white, the mahogany trees lining the old school fence would shed their leaves, making a yellow and brown c

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