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The Verbs That Should Always Be Used in Present Simple

Photo Credit: Freepik  The following verbs do not use the –ing form. If we add –ing to them, they are not verbs anymore. They become Gerund, but we will discuss Gerund in another blog post. In the English grammar, there are some rules, word sets, and words that we just need to memorize, because there is no technical explanation to those.  These are the verbs that don’t normally use the Present Continuous form. Believe I believe that my country will be great again in the near future. (NOT I’m believing…) Belong This car belongs to Elon. Consist This food consists of meat, vegetables, butter, and sugar. Contain Coffee contains a substance that keeps us awake; it’s called caffeine. Depend Don’t depend on other people for financial support. You have to be self-sufficient. Hate Everybody hates mosquitoes. Who in the world likes mosquitoes??? Like Children like sweet foods. Love Love yourself first before you love someone else. Mean I did not mean

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