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One of the... Singular Noun or Plural Noun?

  Some people are quite confused when they have to start their sentence or phrase with "One of the..." Should this be followed by a Singular or a Plural noun? One of the book or one of the books?  This should   not be confusing at all. One of the simply means like this: there are many things, for example, a pen, and in that group of pens, you talk about one particular, specific pen. Example: There are ten pens on the table. One of them (pens) is red. In just one sentence, we can express the same idea. How? The sentence is like this:  One of the pens on the table is red.  Our subject is One. One means the read one, the red pen. Watch the YouTube video below for more explanations and example sentences! Thank you for reading this short blog and thank you for watching the video! Japanese Translation by Google Translate: 文やフレーズを「Oneofthe ...」で始めなければならないときに、かなり混乱する人もいます。これに単数形または複数形の名詞を続ける必要がありますか?本の1つまたは本の1つ? これはまったく混乱するべきではありません。単純な意味の1つは、次のようなものです。たとえば、ペンなど、さまざまなものがあります。

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