Parthenon? Oh no, it's ACE WORLD's New Home!

It's been over a month since I updated this blog. A lot of things have happened.
Let me begin by stating that a beautiful thing does not always start in a beautiful way. For instance, before a butterfly becomes the beautiful creature that it is, it undergoes four stages---egg, larva, pupa and adult butterfly. Although the larva looks cute and innocent, it is only when it becomes an adult butterfly can we fully  appreciate its splendid beauty.  And who can forget the story of the ugly duckling that later became a very beautiful and graceful swan? Indeed, some beautiful things metamorphose from being common to being magnificent.

How are these related to ACE WORLD?

Well,  we are moving to another place soon. A quieter, bigger, cleaner, greener  place. The place ACE WORLD is occupying now is not the best place you can find in the village but that time, when I was struggling, this place was the best choice. It was the most affordable I could find. This place also witnessed how my dreams slowly turned into realities. 

This humble place silently witnessed my secret tears and fears. This place witnessed my everyday struggle especially when the complaints, demands and insults came. 

This humble place silently witnessed my joys and hopes, especially when heart-melting kindness was shown to me. "I want to teach you how to make Japanese pickles. You don't need to do anything, just sit down and watch me. You're tired. Take a rest."  "I bought this pan for you. It's my gift. You can make perfect oyakodon using this pan."  "I'm busy but I want to teach you how to make sunny side up egg correctly."  "You like sesame dressing, I went to Little Tokyo and bought this big bottle of sesame dressing for you."  "You always have problems with the water pressure, I bought this mini motor pump. You don't have to fill the tank with water anymore."  And, I will never forget the day when one guy voluntarily cemented the big hole at the back porch. He knew I could not even afford to hire a worker.

I viewed the complaints as my areas for improvement. I regarded the demands as  my motivation to work harder. I handled  insults with my head held up high, vowing to myself that I wouldn't  let anybody or anything put me down. I had nothing but my vision, and amid the difficulties that seemed insurmountable, my vision kept me pushing on. 

I treasured the acts of kindness in my heart and I contemplated on them. Those were  my rays of hope when my dreams seemed to be corroding in my very hands.

Yes, with the moving of ACE WORLD comes optimism. A bigger place means more students. The seasoned teachers I am now working with and I regularly brainstorm, looking  for ways to help our students achieve their goals.

Teaching is a challenging profession but it's a noble one. ACE WORLD climb is a slow climb, but it's a sure one.

Jollibee Foods Corporation,  the biggest fast-food chain in the Philippines,   started as an ice cream parlor in a busy street. Now, it has a lot of branches in different parts of the world.  SM, the chain of malls that boasts some of the biggest shopping malls in Asia and in the world, started as a small shoe mart (SM stands for Shoe Mart)  in a crowded area. I am  looking forward to the day when people say, "ACE WORLD Language School started as a small boarding house in a four-bedroom apartment unit in a village in Quezon City."

 Great things come from humble beginnings.

Our dearly-loved old place

Our new location---Our new hope.

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