Five Advantages of Studying at ACERS



First, we have a systematic and scientific curriculum which is flexible and thus can be customized depending on the English level and purpose of the student.

Second, we have teachers here whose teaching skills have been tried, tested and proven to be effective through the years.They can teach anything to anybody. Just check their TOEIC scores, and I need not explain why.  (I am taking the TOEIC exam in December, by the way.^^)

(The school owner teaching a student using the Integrated Method) 

Third, the owners of this school did not just wake up one day and suddenly decided to set up a school. So, the immediate target of this school is to give quality English education to Japanese nationals and in the long run, improve the image of the Philippines in the world. You see, not even our closest Asian neighbors know that English is our second language here, nor do they know that we teach English here.

Fourth, we have a support class. My Japanese staff, an MBA student whose TOEIC score  is 930, gives free English grammar lessons in Japanese.  The students can thus freely ask  him questions about English grammar, and, the staff can explain the grammar rules to them in a language which they all understand.

Fifth, we strictly implement the English only policy. Even helpers speak English. This is good because the students feel that the atmosphere is really an English atmosphere.

If students stay in a place where other languages other than English are spoken, they will lose their motivation to study English. If these students study and speak English only during their classes, which lasts only 50 minutes each, they can't improve well.

In ACE, when students interact with other students and with their teachers in English, they put into practice what they learn. They use the expressions, vocabulary and grammar points they learn during classes in a natural and actual setting.

These, above all other things are some of the reasons why choosing ACE WORLD to be your partner in your English journey is one of the best decisions you will ever make.

Why not make that reservation now and check if we are what we claim we are? 

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