Dear Reader...,


Dear Reader,

You and your friend had to dig a well 6 feet deep. The two of you eagerly started working at 6 in the morning. You worked hard, you did not even have a break. At the end of the day you were both  exhausted and sweaty...but you and your friend realized that you managed to dig only a foot, and you were frustrated. And then you realized that you used a spoon in digging, and your friend used the handle of the shovel instead of its cutting edge.

What's the point? Just because you are working hard does not always mean that you can achieve your goal. Just because you study English very hard and memorize a lot of sentences and words does not mean that you are good at speaking English.

You can say that you know English only when you can communicate in the said language both in written and spoken way.

Unfortunately, a lot of people just do things without wondering if it's the right thing to do.  Because they have been taught that learning  to memorize words, sentences and grammar rules is the best way to learn English,  they just memorize words and sentences and go on memorizing more words and sentences. Oh yes, some people can use the words and sentences they memorized, but they sound phony and mechanical. You can't be sounding phony and mechanical in the real world, especially in the business world. You can't be using the same words and sentences with different people in different situations. You've got to be able to express yourself in English naturally, and this is possible only when you have a full grasp of the language. The full grasp of English can't be achieved through memorization.

It's a very simple logic: if your method of learning English can't make you speak English, then it's time to get rid of your method and try a new one. It doesn't hurt to try.

If you are too scared or too conservative to try other things, you can never discover new horizons, you can never grow. It's not a good choice to just accept what has been told you. It's always good to investigate.

What's the best way to choose a school? Check the English ability of the owner and the teachers. If they can speak English well, then, they must be in the position to tell you how to study English.  They will teach you English the way they learned English.

Will you ask a person to build your house if that person can not even erect a post? Will you trust somebody to teach you English if that person has difficulty expressing his thoughts in English?

Will you ask a lawyer to perform brain surgery on you? A person in his right mind won't do that.  A lawyer, no matter how good he is in his field, can not perform a brain surgery. In the same manner,  will you ask a businessperson to teach you English? A businessperson is not the same as an educator. A businessperson's interest is profit; an educator's interest is your progress in English.

There are  various  factors why a lot of students are frustrated in learning English. Studying English is not frustrating.  It's enjoyable and fulfilling if it is done the right way.

At ACERS, everything is done right.

Cordially yours,


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