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Drink Soup or Eat Soup? (日本語訳あり)

日本語バージョンはこちらをクリック One student asked me why  we say "eat soup" in English, and not "drink soup". In Japanese, they say "drink soup". The truth is, there's no grammar rule involved in this. It's just a matter of the speaker's preference. However, it is more appropriate to say "eat soup" because of several reasons. Let's start with the obvious:   First, soup is served in a bowl . --not from a drinking glass or cup, so we don't drink it.  Second, we use a spoon or chopsticks  to put the soup into our mouths. We don't drink it the way we drink water or beer from a glass or mug.   The same student argued that soup is liquid, so it's more appropriate to drink it instead of to eat it. Oh yeah, he's got a point, but let's remember that soup is food , so we eat it. It's not a beverage like Coke or beer or juice, and this brings me back to my point that it is not served in a drinking glas

Mount Fuji- A World Heritage

日本語バージョンはこちらをクリック "Mount Fuji on Verge of World Heritage Listing" "An important UNESCO panel has recommended that World Heritage status be granted to Mount Fuji, putting the iconic peak on a direct path to registration. Japan's tallest mountain is expected to be formally listed in June when the World Heritage Committee meets in Cambodia."  -The Japan Times News, May 01, 2013 Mount Fuji  has always been close to my heart. Long time ago, when I was a little girl with pigtails and dusty feet,  I would often stare at the vast universe and wonder where in the world exactly Japan and Mount Fuji were. My hometown is scorching in summer, and summer was the time when I would sit under one of our mango trees munching a green mango and daydream of taking a nap on the snow-capped summit of the grand mountain. Whew. How did I know about Mount Fuji at such a young age? Well, learning about all  Asian countries and their cultures  was and