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Wow! English and the Philippines

日本語訳バージョンはこちらをクリック Well, if somebody told me that he caught a live fish in the smoking crater of an active volcano in the Sahara Desert,  I'd be very shocked. Interestingly, I learned from my close Japanese friend that  this is  exactly how a lot of Japanese people feel when they meet somebody who studied and learned English in the Philippines.  Unknown to millions of Japanese, English is spoken in the Philippines. It is our second official language. Some might conclude  that we speak English only the Filipino way ---a mixture of Tagalog and English, very much  like JapLish for Japanese + English or KongLish for Korean + English. Well, this is not the case here in the Philippines.  To give you an idea about how English is spoken in the Philippines, let me share some links with you. To be fair, please take time to view them.  Our young students excel in speech competitions worldwide. The young Filipina student in this link was 19 years old when