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Students Attack!!! (Attack Me Back, That Is...)

Photo credit: freepik                                                                        It’s both funny and heartwarming when the students whom I painstakingly taught basic grammar to, such as Subject-Verb Agreement, have improved so much that they can finally attack me back from different an amusing way, of course.  Here are some light moments with some of my students. *** Me:       And why are you laughing at my drawing??!! Student: And why shouldn’t I??!! *** After watching a video of a komodo dragon mercilessly attack a defenseless deer: Me:        I wonder what komodo dragons are for. Student: Komodo dragons also wonder what humans are for. *** Me:      I am going on a date on Saturday night. Student: Finally??!! Oh, God is Alive!! *** Me: During my time, exam days were tough because our  teachers would  hit us on the          butt for every mistake that we'd make. Student: Oh, noooo!!!! Teacher,

Kids Are...Well, Kids

Photo credit: freepik                                                            Here are some of my favorite conversations with kids. Five-year-old boy: The people in the congregation say I am  very handsome. Me: Did you believe them? Boy: Well, for a couple of times I heard you say the same thing about me. A four-year-old girl reviewing for her Science exam  asked me to draw objects so that she could identify them as either Living Things or Non-Living things. I drew a flower. Girl:   Has this been plucked? Me:    (Not knowing what to answer,  I erased the picture of the flower and I drew a tree instead.) M y then 5-year-old nephew on seeing a spider on its web for the very first time: "Hey Auntie, come and see what I've found in your garden! It's something so little, it's moving, and it  looks like Spider Man!" My brother needed some cash so he prepared to go to the nearest ATM machine, a good 10-minute-walk under the scorching s