The Man, The Robber, and the Socks

Man running with blue flowing wave Free Vector
Photo credit: freepik 

A bus was being robbed at an isolated place. When the 3 highway robbers brandished their firearms and shouted "Holdup! Give us your money or you'll get shot!", the passengers fearfully but willingly gave all of their valuables to the men.

One passenger managed to jump out of the bus and ran as fast as he could. He was immediately seized by one of the robbers.  At gunpoint, the man surrendered his wallet to the robber, which the latter greedily opened.

"You have only P100.00 in your wallet and you ran as though you had a million in it?! Here, take back your wallet!" shouted the robber indignantly.

"Ah, sir... I thought you would also take away the P100,000.00 hidden in my socks, that's why I tried to escape..."


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