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Sometimes, it is difficult to understand life, as these following short stories show.

In May 2018, a guy I had known for three years proposed marriage to me. I said yes half-heartedly. I was not that into him at that time. In June, we broke the engagement off. After a day, I realized I liked him and I wanted to spend forever with him. For one month, I did my best to win him back but all my efforts were futile. Oh…how I cried.

My Japanese friend stayed in the Philippines, albeit in a city 5 hours away from where I live. She really wanted to visit me down here but at that time, I was working from 7:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. I also worked on weekends. Now, I work only part time. I have much time in my hands. My Japanese friend can’t visit me, however. She went back to Japan a week ago.

I started this blog in 2012. At that time, I was not so serious about blogging as I had many other things to do. I started it as a hobby. Now, I am older and I have more stories to share. But… rumors are all over the web that Blogger will be closed soon, just like what Google did to Google+. I like Blogger because it is so user-friendly and it is one of the pioneer blogging platforms. If Blogger indeed gets “killed” soon, I’ll be very sad. 

Well… I guess life would be less exciting if there weren’t any ironies at all.


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Five Advantages of Studying at ACERS



First, we have a systematic and scientific curriculum which is flexible and thus can be customized depending on the English level and purpose of the student.

Second, we have teachers here whose teaching skills have been tried, tested and proven to be effective through the years.They can teach anything to anybody. Just check their TOEIC scores, and I need not explain why.  (I am taking the TOEIC exam in December, by the way.^^)

(The school owner teaching a student using the Integrated Method) 

Third, the owners of this school did not just wake up one day and suddenly decided to set up a school. So, the immediate target of this school is to give quality English education to Japanese nationals and in the long run, improve the image of the Philippines in the world. You see, not even our closest Asian neighbors know that English is our second language here, nor do they know that we teach English here.

Fourth, we have a support class. My Japanese staff, an MBA st…

TOEIC and Speaking


Myth: A person with a high TOEIC score, especially when it's over 900,  is a very good English speaker.
Reality: There are people whose TOEIC scores are really  high but can't speak English fluently. 
Conclusion: Just because a person has a high TOEIC score doesn't mean that he can speak English well. A high TOEIC score, therefore, is not the ultimate barometer of a person's English skills.
Question: So, why is it that here at ACERS, we train students to achieve a satisfactory TOEIC score? 
Answer:  This is because in Japan and in Korea, one's English ability is based on his TOEIC score. As I mentioned above, however, this is a myth and  it isn't what happens in reality.
One Korean student told me long time ago that  in their country, a person whose TOEIC score is lower than 900 should not even think about applying for a job. This is because small and big Korean companies alike entertain only those whose scores are 900 and above. I'm sure that t…

Drink Soup or Eat Soup?


One student asked me why  we say "eat soup" in English, and not "drink soup". In Japanese, they say "drink soup".

The truth is, there's no grammar rule involved in this. It's just a matter of the speaker's preference. However, it is more appropriate to say "eat soup" because of several reasons. Let's start with the obvious:  First, soup is served in a bowl.--not from a drinking glass or cup, so we don't drink it. 

Second, we use a spoon or chopsticks  to put the soup into our mouths. We don't drink it the way we drink water or beer from a glass or mug.

The same student argued that soup is liquid, so it's more appropriate to drink it instead of to eat it. Oh yeah, he's got a point, but let's remember that soup is food, so we eat it. It's not a beverage like Coke or beer or juice, and this brings me back to my point that it is not served in a drinking glass.  

Third, soup is not just plain liqui…