Sometimes, We Really Have to Say Goodbye

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My boss felt uneasy when I informed her that I was quitting. I did not want to make up stories and neither did I want to mislead her with a lie, so I politely explained to her that I wanted to look for a better-paying job. She understood it, and she let me go.


It was November 19, 2018, Monday, when I started working in that academy. It was 8 in the morning and I was in my cubicle, waiting for the first student to knock on my door. I was teary-eyed. Nine days had passed since I solved the problem with my ex-fiance’s car. I was still struggling to get over the breakup of my very first engagement. I felt vulnerable. Everything was like a re-enactment of my life just a few months before. Everything looked familiar. The size of the cubicle, the whiteboard, the books---everything looked like a piece of the past that I had been trying to bury and forget, yet I knew that I had to be in that academy for me to recover and get back up fast. My new workplace was only a few meters away from the academy I used to work for. For a brief background, please read my post, MY 2018- WHAT A YEAR IT HAS BEEN!

On November 12, 2018, I applied for that teaching  job despite the very low salary. I knew that for me to emotionally recover, I had to meet, talk to, and laugh with new people.  I had to get out of my room---the cold and dark room that served as my fortress during my weakest and darkest moments. I decided to work for that academy because I needed to shift my focus to other matters. 

A week after I had started working, my moods and energy were so high again. I was having a good time scrutinizing the English program of the academy, I enjoyed discussing grammar lessons with my students and at the end of the day, it was always a pleasure to check their Daily Evaluation books. The other teachers and I talked about the events of the day—both those that irritated us and those that made us laugh. Once again, I had a purpose in getting up early. I was always eager to take my morning walks to that academy. 

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I owe that academy a lot.

It has to be noted that prior to my working in that academy, I hadn’t had a job for almost six months.  Whatever money I had was for my food and other basic necessities. I was very sure that, for the very first time, I would be late in paying the rent of my small apartment unit. The rent was due on November 20 and I started working again on November 19. I explained my situation to my landlady and she understood it. In all fairness to me, it was my very first time to pay late. Besides, the landlady had my one month deposit and one month advance payment.  Fortunately for me, November 30 was a holiday in the Philippines, and I was sure that the salary day would be on November 29. The salary that I had not yet received was the same money that I promised to give my landlady on the 29th of November.  Quite literally, that academy was my savior—financially and emotionally.

Thanks to this academy, the pain that I tried so hard to get rid of does not have that much grip on me anymore. My small apartment unit doesn’t feel gloomy anymore. Therefore, the purpose of my working in that academy had been served. Time to move on, get a better job, and save up for many wonderful things.

I will always be thankful for that academy. I will never forget the role it played in my fast recovery. I thanked the academy owner for the wonderful opportunity to work with her. I also thanked her for believing in me and my skills. As I walked out of the room, I realized that yes, sometimes, we really have to say goodbye.


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