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Photo taken by: Agatha Maruyama  It was January 2016 and my boss gave me a small package. “It’s from my mom. Open it.” I opened it and there it was, a beautifully packaged Hera lipstick. Prior to my receiving this wonderful gift, I did not wear lipstick. Due probably to my too much caffeine intake, the lipstick color does not stay on my lips for more than thirty minutes. It would look horrible and funny because the outer edges of both upper and lower lip would be colored while the middle part would look pale. Also, most lipsticks make my lips dry and cracked, even with those branded and famous ones. I expected that Hera would have the same effect on my lips. Not wanting to be thought of as ungrateful, I said thanks to my boss and put on some lipstick on my lips. Contrary to what I expected, the lipstick did not become dry. The color stayed for much longer than I expected. It was only towards the end of the day that I had to retouch because I talked a lot and


Photo taken by: Agatha Maruyama “Beth, I will buy you some cosmetics when I come back. What do you want?” This was my boss’ message when he was in his home country in December 2017. Before he left for Korea on December 27, he asked me what I wanted. I said, anything. “I would appreciate anything that you would give me.” While he was in his country, he sent me the message asking me about a compact powder. “There are two kinds. One is wet, and one is dry. Which one do you like?” I did not even know the wet and dry he was talking about, so I just said, the dry one. Who would want to have something wet on her face, anyway? After a few minutes, he sent me a message again. “I bought both the wet and the dry one. The salesperson said that the wet one should be applied first and next, the dry one. They also gave me some free cleansers for your skin.” When I met him again in January 2018, I was very happy to have my IOPE foundation. Wonderful gift. I’m not so m


I am not a techie person, and I don’t even know the specs of this computer. But let me tell you the story of  how I came to have this computer . In April 2018, while my boss and I were finalizing some arrangements for our company which we decided to shut down, he kindly explained to me that he could not give me a separation pay. Instead, he made me choose which of the two computers I was using I would like to have as the equivalent of my separation pay. One computer, a Lenovo, was used for my online classes. This computer which I am featuring was being used for all the files, documents, and English programs that I made. He ordered this computer online and it was delivered to our office directly from Korea in 2016. On May 28, 2018, when we officially closed the office, I went back home not only with this computer but also the  with the headset and the external webcam that I had been using with the other computer. This computer has a very soft keyboard and honestly, t

Masks (MUZ, Premium Gold Sheet)

Photo taken by: Ica Gonzales  I am wearing a mask that promises glowing skin in just one sheet. It’s Muz Premium Gold Sheet Mask and it’s Whitening + Anti-aging. I bought this in the Korean store near my office.  It is my VERY first time to use a mask. Now, I’m not even sure if I am wearing it correctly. You see, one side of this mask is white and the other side is gold. I decided that the gold color is just a design or decoration of the mask, so the white side should be touching my skin. I hope I’m right. I’m sure there are instructions written somewhere in the pack but I’m too lazy and sleepy now to even look for them, let alone read them.  And because the “gold side” is the exposed side, my face looks like that of the Oscar Awards statue. Well, I’ll see what effect this has on my skin. I’ll be giving updates as soon as I can.