Dear Someone...

Dear Someone,

Sometimes I still remember you. Sometimes I miss you, sometimes I still cry and long for you. And yes, I'm crying now... It’s been almost a year but everything still feels raw. The pain, the regrets, the anger, the hatred…but along with these negative emotions, the sense of loss and the longing to have you back are there…they did not go away with time. No, not all pains go away with the wind.

Last night, I dreamed of you. In my dream, you were married. The first time I dreamed of you after our breakup, you were getting married. Last night in my dream, you were already married and you were on a honeymoon. I saw only your back but I heard your voice. It was your voice, and you were laughing…

Fighting with you constantly feels much better than not having you at all… I know I should not be missing you anymore but… my heart is stubborn. 
Do you sometimes miss me too? 


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