Photo taken by: Agatha Maruyama 

It was January 2016 and my boss gave me a small package.

“It’s from my mom. Open it.” I opened it and there it was, a beautifully packaged Hera lipstick.

Prior to my receiving this wonderful gift, I did not wear lipstick. Due probably to my too much caffeine intake, the lipstick color does not stay on my lips for more than thirty minutes. It would look horrible and funny because the outer edges of both upper and lower lip would be colored while the middle part would look pale.

Also, most lipsticks make my lips dry and cracked, even with those branded and famous ones. I expected that Hera would have the same effect on my lips. Not wanting to be thought of as ungrateful, I said thanks to my boss and put on some lipstick on my lips.

Contrary to what I expected, the lipstick did not become dry. The color stayed for much longer than I expected. It was only towards the end of the day that I had to retouch because I talked a lot and some color had faded. In this situation, retouching is inevitable.

Finding this lipstick tube among my other personal belongings made me nostalgic in some ways. It’s from my former boss’ mom. This dates back to the time when she liked me as a person and as a friend/staff for her son. It was recently revealed that she never liked me as her future daughter-in-law. (I never liked her either, anyway. Thanks for the wonderful gift just the same.)

Not all lipsticks are harsh on the sensitive lips. This Hera lipstick feels so soft, and it does not make my lips cracked.

Hera definitely changed my perception of lipsticks.


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