Freckles and Face Powder

Photo taken by: Agatha Maruyama 

My skin is not flawless. My friends always talk about skin peeling, diamond scrubbing, and other treatments that are done to make the skin look younger and softer.  One friend even went as far as to apply for a loan just to have money for a skin peeling procedure. Well, I’ve NEVER experienced any of those procedures though I admit that one of these days, I will have to undergo those same treatments soon.

How then, do I take care of my skin? I don’t. I use a regular bath soap to wash my face. I've always been uneasy about the blemishes on my skin, though. 

Imagine my happiness when this product, Maybelline face powder, with its promise to conceal all blemishes effectively, came. I eagerly set out to buy myself this powder.
There are four shades to choose from. They are Nude Beige, Natural, Honey, and Sand Beige. I chose the lightest shade, Nude Beige.

Maybelline has the following claims:
·       It’s perfect for Asian skin. I agree. This product is mildly formulated; it doesn’t cause irritation.
·       It has a natural coverage. Again, I agree. Whenever I apply this, my face does not look nor feel cakey. It looks like---my skin. Just that.
·       12-hour oil control. I don’t agree. I have to apply some more powder especially on my nose after working for about 2 hours.
·       Lightweight feel. Again, I agree. No matter how many times in a day I apply this foundation on my face, my skin does not feel itchy, it doesn’t feel thick.

Finally, this face powder claims that it has a clear and smooth coverage, covering all the skin blemishes. Maybe my face is just so full of blemishes that this wonderful powder can’t conceal all of them perfectly.  Owing to the harsh weather conditions in the place where I live, and definitely genetics, my skin is full of blemishes.  My relatives on my father’s side have freckles; my relatives on my mother’s side have brown and black moles. I got both freckles and moles. (Freckles and moles are uncommon among Asians. Even my hair isn't so black; it's a shade between brown and black.) This face powder does not conceal the blemishes 100% but it does make the blemishes less obvious.
Photo taken by: Agatha Maruyama 

All in all, I like this Maybelline Face Powder All in one. I always buy the refill pack, which costs P169.00, because I can easily stuff it in my small bag whenever I go out.
So far, this face powder is the best one I’ve ever tried. This is one item that has to be constantly in my bag. 


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