My Young Student's Views on The Coronavirus Pandemic

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My student, a thirteen-year-old bespectacled cute boy from South Korea talked to me about his opinions on how the spread of Covid-19 is being dealt with. He was agitated to talk, and so I set aside the lesson I prepared for him that night. It was his privilege speech. I opted to deviate from my normal lesson style and just let him talk--or rant, to be more accurate.

Below are his opinions on the matter.  For the sake of clarity, some grammatical adjustments were made but these are the sentences that he said, so I'm using quotation marks. 

"Teacher, I think, from the beginning, the government should have banned all flights from other countries. The government should have stopped the visitors from coming to our country. My country could have prevented infections. The deaths could have been avoided." 

"At that time when the virus hadn't reached other countries yet, when the majority of the countries  in the world had zero infection, the UN should have stopped the flights to those countries. At least, there would be parts of the world that have zero infection now. Protect the uninfected countries first, and cure the infected countries next.  But, nobody did this. Now, we only have regrets. Just, regrets. Many regrets." 

"Teacher, do you remember? We had a lot of coronavirus cases last month. Every day, we reported around 900 new cases. But, little by little, we are solving the problem. Now, we have fewer than 20 new cases on some days. It's still a lot, of course, but think like this--- before, we had more than 900 sick people every day. Now, we have fewer than 20, and on some days, there were no infected people. I think other countries in the world should learn from this.  They should ask themselves, "How could they solve the coronavirus problem? How can we copy their method?" But instead, they have a race. I think each of the big countries wants to be the first to make the vaccine for coronavirus. They want to have honor and money. It's good to make a vaccine, but for now, it's also good to stop the spread of the virus. How? Copy another country's successful method. I want to spread my opinion about this, but how?"

And then, he let out a big sigh.

Oh well...he makes sense.


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