ON (Preposition)

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Again, prepositions aren't only for stating dates or locations. When they are paired with another word as a set, they become a part of a phrasal verb. Below are some of the most commonly used phrasal verbs with the preposition ON.  Again, my list MAY NOT BE COMPLETE.  These are the phrasal verbs that I often come cross when I read magazines, books, etc. This list can definitely help the students of English as a Second Language, or ESL.


Many animals, like snakes, act purely on impulse. Other animals, like dogs and cats, have emotions. They don't act on impulse; they act according to the situation.

Based on the financial report forwarded to the CEO, the company branch in Tokyo is losing money. Shutting it down is inevitable.

The former president called on the protesters to stop looting. Their looting is not in any way connected to the issue at hand.

I don't want to comment on this issue. I don't have much knowledge about it.

I want to concentrate on my writing. I have no time to hang out with anyone.

The CEO personally congratulated Mr. Tanaka on bagging the Employee of The Year Award.

You can always count on Jack to meet his deadline even when he is under a lot of pressure.

It's difficult to decide on a date for my travel because I still have a lot of  urgent tasks to finish.

You need to have your own source of income. You can't depend on your parents forever.

We can't go shopping regularly because of the lockdown. We have to economize on our food and other supplies.

Tomomi told me that she's gotten tired working as a nurse. She told me that she wants to embark on another career, one that offers flexible working hours.

It's not good to experiment on animals, but...do scientists have a choice?

The boy insisted on wearing his soccer uniform to church.

Please don't lean on the glass.  You might break it.

You complain that you had only ham and bread for lunch? Man, a lot of people in the world live on very little amount of rice and some dried fish.

The doctors had to operate on him. His appendix ruptured.

It's not good to perform experiments on animals, but... do the scientists have another choice?

She prides herself on her ability to make sales even when the economy is down. She once joked that she could even sell snow to the Eskimos.


Why do you always have to rely on your parents for money?  You're 35Get a job


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