TO (Prepositions)

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Indeed, prepositions are tricky. Some words can be paired with different prepositions and of course, a change in preposition also means a change in the meaning of the sentence. Below are some of the words that always go with the preposition TO, in alphabetical order. This is of  course useful for the students of English as a Second Language or ESL.

My list, of course, MAY NOT BE COMPLETE. These are the words that I often encounter whenever I read magazines, books, etc.


I am from a tropical country. I think I can never be accustomed to living in a cold country.
When you go to another country, you have to learn the culture of that country and be accustomed to it.

The man's unpaid dues amount to $1,000. The landlord will evict him soon.

Clubbing doesn't appeal to me. I'd rather stay home, drink coffee, and read my books.

You can apply to this company. Your qualifications match their requirements.

Please attach the file to your email and send it to me.
Attach this receipt to the voucher.

Sorry, I can't talk to you for a long time. I have other things to attend to.

These old books belong to Jane. She likes collecting old books.

I heard that she is really a good speaker.  I want to challenge her to a debate. She can choose the topic she wants us to debate on.

Batanes Island Philippines is always compared to the Maldives because of its pristine beaches and breathtaking ocean views.

He expressed his disappointment with the government. He practiced his freedom of speech. Why, then, should he be condemned to death?

Aren't you going to confess to your husband that you cheated on him with your personal driver?

It's cruel to confine this rabbit to this cage. You have to put the rabbit back in the wild. 

The mother wants to have sole custody of the child, but given her irresponsible behavior,  I don't think that the court will consent to her request.

Is it really good to convert to another religion, or is it better to stick to the belief you grew up in?

You think I'm not pretty? Well, you are entitled to your own opinion.

Do you listen to classical music, or to rap music?

Don't mention to Alice that I gave you a chocolate cake. She might get jealous.

One prominent businessperson wants to build a factory right next to the river. I'm sure the residents will object to his plan.

I prefer reading books to watching TV programs.

Understandably, the father reacted angrily to the news that his teenage daughter got pregnant.

I'm sorry, I could not reply to your message immediately.  I was taking a shower. 

The people in 911 responded to the call as fast as they could.

As soon as you finish writing the financial report, please submit it to the CEO. He wants to see the report before 5:00 today.

The leader of the kidnappers surrendered to the policemen.

He always goes out with his friends. He never invites me to hang out with him. The funny thing is, he always turns to me for some comfort and advice whenever he has difficulties.

If you listen to Elton John's song Sacrifice, you will understand why we have to restrain ourselves so that we won't yield to temptation.  


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