NOUN- Basic Explanation (名詞の基本的な説明)

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Let’s start from the very basic. For now, let's define Noun this way. We will discuss the more complex forms of nouns and all the other parts of speech as we go along.

A NOUN is the name of a person, place, or thing.  

Doctor, cleaner, policeman, mother, Mr. Yamamoto

Park, mall, Las Vegas, South Africa

Pen, laptop

To be more accurate, let’s establish that there are two kinds of nouns, which are the Common Noun and the Proper Noun.

Common noun is the name of an entire group of people, things, or places. A Proper Noun is the exact name of a thing, a place or a person.


Common Noun                               Proper Noun

Singer                                               Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Calum Scott
Dancer                                              Namuro Amie    
Philosopher                                       Plato, Socrates
Politician                                           Shinzo Abe, Donald Trump
Student                                              Eriko Shimizu
Driver                                                Mr. Matsumoto
Beauty queen                                    Pia Wurtzbach
Supermodel                                       Kelsey Merritt
Policeman                                         Patrolman Jack Smith
Composer                                         Ludwig van Beethoven
Author                                              J.K. Rowling
Basketball player                             Stephen Curry, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant
Soccer player                                   David Beckham
Fashion designer                              Victoria Beckham

City                                                     New York, Tokyo
Country                                               Japan, Philippines
Mall                                                    SM Supermalls


Laptop                                                Lenovo
Shoes                                                 Adidas
Printer                                               Canon
Computer mouse                              Logitech
Book                                                 Concepts and Comments Reading Book

Note: All Proper Nouns begin with a capital letter. (big letter)


Which ones are common nouns, and which ones are proper nouns?

1.      canadian, science, language, english
2.      lake, lake biwa, volcano, mt. fuji
3.      park, tokyo university,  river,  nigeria
4.      gift, pencil, mr. kim, birthday
5.      secretary, president barack obama, senator smith, governor yuriko koike
6.      town, mayor, toyota, book
7.      judge, justice yoshihara, police, general douglas smith
8.      prince harry, bridge, saint patrick’s cathedral, kobe bryant
9.      college, book, harvard university, photocopier
10.   cup, mao asada, shirt, aso taro

Japanese Translation
Credit: Google Translate





Doctor, cleaner, policeman, mother, Mr. Yamamoto

Park, mall, Las Vegas, South Africa

Pen, laptop



注:すべての固有名詞は大文字で始まります。 (大きな文字)

上記のすべての例を確認してください。また、私が提供した演習を実行してみてください。 ACERSオンラインスクールブログをご覧いただき、誠にありがとうございます。 ^^



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