A Bonne' Lotion Review


I have a new friend. Well, friends…because there are two of them, but they are of the same brand, so “friend” is also acceptable.

I discovered these two wonderful beauty products in late 2019, but it is only now that I have the time to feature them here.

I live in a tropical country, and it is understandable for people here to look for some products that will block the adverse effect of ultraviolet rays. I did some research and I found these. I immediately went to the nearest beauty store to find them.

I instantly liked the smell of the orange one, A Bonne’ Miracle Spa Milk with Tomato Extract. I don’t know if real milk or tomato extract was added here, I’m not a chemist, so there’s no way for me to find it out. I instantly liked this anyway because of its scent. It’s not too sweet, it’s not too bland, it’s a perfect balance between sweetness and freshness. When I got home, I took a shower again of course, and tried this all over my body. It felt so smooth! I never had this experience with other brands of body lotion before! In addition, it did not feel sticky, it did not feel greasy! I could almost literally feel my skin absorbing all the moisture!

This lotion also claims to have 3x skin whitening and skin firming ingredients. I am Filipina and I’m naturally tan (or bronze?!) and I think my color is perfectly okay, so I don’t care much about the whitening ingredient. I’m all for the lovely scent and the  moisturizing effects, though.

Summer came, and I would be out and about just the same. After a week of walking under the scorching sun, running errands, I noticed a lot of tan lines. The areas below my denim shorts and the areas from my shoulders to my fingertips became much darker and the areas covered were much lighter, and I looked funny, I looked like a potato that was both undercooked and overcooked at the same time.

I was gradually becoming beauty-conscious, so the next thing I knew, I was looking for lotion with UV protection. Again, I found this A Bonne’ Lotion, the pink one, and it declares that is has 3x more collagen and UV protection. It also has the moisturizing and whitening effects that the orange one has.

I am convinced that the UV protection is working really well, because for over a year now, I would go out and run errands just the same BUT I make sure to spread this lotion all over the exposed parts of my body before I go out. The exposed parts are just a bit darker (burned) than the unexposed parts, and this makes me convinced that the UV protection claimed by this product is 100% accurate. It is highly recommended.

The scent is too sweet for my liking, but it doesn’t really matter if I think about the protection that it gives.


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