Ever Bilena Glow Out Highlighter

I’m very happy to share with you my latest discovery---Ever Bilena Glow Out Highlighter makeup! 

I went to Ever Bilena Mercury Drug Store in Ever Gotesco Commonwealth Branch to buy a stick concealer, the one I’ve been using since 2008. The kind and pretty lady suggested that I try their highlighter. It was on sale, it cost only P38.00, not even 1$USD. I did not know about highlighters until that moment, and the lady had to explain to me how to use it.

In the YouTube video whose link I am posting below, I am using the FREE PLAN of Clipchamp Video Editor. I have no special lights, no special filters, no special effects in that video BUT the highlighter on my face is noticeable. It’s not professionally applied, and I DON’T LOOK LIKE the models of cosmetics you see on glossy magazines--- I'm not even a model material to begin with---but what I am pointing out is---I like my highlighter and I’m thankful to the lady who introduced this product to me. (smile, smile, smile)

Unfortunately, I have thrown away the cute box that it came with, so I can't share what ingredients were used to come up with this amazing beauty gem. The next time I buy one, I will copy all the ingredients written on the box and I'll include the list here as an update. 

We are all under pressure and stress, but if we have some time to go out and find something that will make us smile, then we have to go for it. Undoubtedly, my Ever Bilena Glow Out Highlighter gave me a little smile. 

Picture taken using the old phone that used to be my nephew's; I don't know the brand, I'm a techie Neandarthal. 

This is the YouTube video I mentioned. I think the highlighter did its job well. Haha


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