Chips Ahoy and And Some Could-Have-Beens


I was a university student struggling financially.  I was an irregular student because I had to work my way through college. One day, as I sat on my chair, one of my prettiest classmates noticed me and we locked eyes for a brief moment. She was eating something. I could sense that she did  not want to share with me the whatever-it-was that she was eating,  but out of politeness, she smiled and offered me some.

“This is yummy. I like it. What’s this?”, I asked timidly.

“Chips Ahoy”, came the brief reply.

There was a  grocery store outside our campus, and she informed me that she bought the yummy cookies there. I made a mental note to buy myself some, but I soon learned that the price was too steep for a self-supporting young person like me. I walked away from the store and made a mental note that one day in the future, I would make sure to be able to buy Chips Ahoy cookies anytime I wanted them.

Fast forward April 2021. One day, one man came to my place to fix a piece of equipment that broke down. I instantly liked the man’s deep voice, his stature, his confidence, his cognizant gaze,   and his quirky personality. I loved the way he fixed the equipment with precision. I kept my thoughts to myself. Of course. Define professionalism. Define moral standards. 

He saw my cookie jar and he quipped that he also loved Chips Ahoy.  We briefly talked about how different Chips Ahoy is from other popular brands of cookies. I got more and more impressed as his deep manly voice filled the four corners of my room.

After almost an hour, he said that the equipment had been fixed. I checked it, and I was impressed with the result. Some people came to fix it before, but they could not fix it as well as this guy did.

I asked him how much I should pay him for the service, and he politely told me the amount. I bowed slightly when I gave him the money, a sign of respect and appreciation.

I walked with him to the gate. The bushes and shrubs in the garden were motionless as we passed by. 

Dusk was creeping in, and the man was a sight to behold there, on his motorcycle, with his helmet and his rider’s jacket on, bathed in the remaining shadowless summer light. The evening was still. Time and space seemed to have lost their dimensions. 

His powerful leg kick-started the motorcycle, and I was jolted back to reality. I could feel  my heart beating fast,  as fast as the drumming sound of the motorcycle engine. I had to quickly to dismiss whatever feelings that were starting to build up.

I watched him as he drove away. The sound of the motorcycle engine faded, and so did my sight of him,. I knew that  in roughly  an hour, he would be home with his wife and kid.

I took one more look at the late April sky and I walked back to my room with heavy steps. 

As I entered my room, the sight of the cookie jar on my brown table greeted me. I felt a special connection, albeit a little sad connection, to my Chips Ahoy.



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