Why I Love My Kojie-San Kojic Beauty Soap


I’m not into whitening products. So why did I choose this Kojic soap that claims to have whitening ingredients?

First, the whitening ingredients in beauty soap, in my opinion (and this is just MY opinion), are not really effective. There are lots of whitening soap in my country, but I still see naturally tan people just like me everywhere, and I think this is a glorious sight.

Second, I chose this bath soap because of its EXFOLIATING EFFECT. Yes, it has a whatever-it-is ingredient that makes the dead skin cells so easy to remove. I don’t even use any special equipment to exfoliate my dead skin cells. I just lather the soap all over my body, leave it there for three to five  minutes (while I clean my toenails and soles), I rinse, and I start exfoliating by rubbing my skin with my----fingers!

Other similar products do not have this effect because they are so slippery on the skin. In order to remove dead skin cells, there has to be some friction between the skin and the equipment that we use. 

Who needs to go to a body-scrubbing center if we can achieve the same effect right at the comfort of our own bathroom? Also, we can save a lot of money if we just do this at home! 

I'm glad I found this beauty soap.  Try it!


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