Head and Shoulders Pink Shampoo And My Super Long Hair

evening lights, vines, long hair... 

It's pink! ^_^ 

I have tried many other brands of shampoo before—and all of them were of course really good---but this is the one that suits my lifestyle and my hair the most.

I have long hair. It’s super long, in fact. I blog, I vlog, I help my brother at the hospital with his dialysis twice a week, I teach, I make customized lessons for my students, I assess their levels and give supplementary classes to make sure that they reach the target—I do my laundry, I scrub my sink and pans, I scrub the bathroom floor and walls, name it, I scrub it--- I run errands for me and for my senior citizen neighbors---yeah—but does this mean that I have to give up taking care of my hair? Nah.

Head and Shoulders Shampoo makes sure that my scalp is clean no matter how busy I get. This is very important. I live in a tropical country, and the air pollution can of course damage my hair, so I use Head and Shoulders to clean my hair and my scalp. (Fortunately or unfortunately, I don’t sweat that much, so my scalp naturally stays dry---but again, the air pollution...) 

Also, it’s pink—and anything pink is better than any of its kind, just in my opinion. Haha. 

This is also mildly scented. I don’t like strong smell. I tried another brand before that also comes in pink but the super sweet smell was just too much for me.

I found Head and Shoulders—I found my “shampoo home”.



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