My Mini Makeup Kit


Bobbie Makeup Tools 

My students would always tell me, “Teacher, why are your eyebrows square?” “Teacher, I want to… (checks dictionary)…revolutionize  your makeup!” “Teacher, your eyebrows don’t look natural!” and many other sentences and questions that all mean the same thing—I can’t put makeup on correctly. (Putting makeup on, ironing clothes, and frying fish are the three things that I’ve been trying to learn but I haven’t succeeded so far…) I use a brown eyebrow pencil to draw my eyebrows albeit incorrectly, and I use the same eyebrow pencil to color my eyelids, I put some lip gloss on, and that’s it! I want to have the more polished made up look, but I don’t know where and how to start.

Well, one day, I went to Robinsons Supermarket to buy some home essentials—and imagine my pleasant surprise when I found this kit in the small beauty section. Haha.

I make vlogs, so I think these will makeup tools will be useful for a start. I hope I will look better in my next vlog. Haha! 


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