Shout to or Shout At?

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Shout to or Shout at? Watch this video! ^_^ 

Prepositions really make a big difference. A change in preposition means a change in the meaning of a sentence.

The phrasal verbs Shout to and Shout at are sometimes interchanged, but this SHOULD NOT be the case, because the two phrasal verbs are very different.

SHOUT TO SOMEONE means you speak louder than usual, because your intention is for that someone to  hear you, because he or she is far away from you.  SHOUT AT SOMEONE, on the other hand, means you are angry or upset at a person. The person may be in front of you, or he/she may be in the other room, or maybe you are talking to him/her on the phone. In any case, you are upset with that person, and so  you talk to him/her emotionally.

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SHOUT TO SOMEONEとは、あなたがいつもより大で話すことを意味します。なぜなら、あなたの意は、誰かがあなたから遠く離れているために、あなたのを聞くことだからです。一方、誰かに叫ぶということは、あなたがその人に腹を立てている、または動していることを意味します。その人があなたの前にいるか、別の部屋にいるか、またはあなたが電話で彼/彼女と話している可能性があります。いずれにせよ、あなたはその人に腹を立てているので、あなたはその人と感情的に話します。

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