The Number, A Number


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The Number, A Number---These two are different.

The number simply means the amount or the quantity of something.

 Example sentence:

 The number of employees who are dissatisfied with the current management is getting higher.

In the example given above, our subject is The number. The prepositional phrase “of employees who are dissatisfied with the current management” is a phrase that modifies The number. It doesn’t affect the subject. Our complete verb/predicate is “is getting higher.”

A number means more than one. It can be few, a few, some, several, many, lots of, a lot of. It takes the plural form of the verb.

Example sentence:

A number of employees are getting dissatisfied with the current management.

 Watch the video below for more explanations and example sentences.

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上記の例では、件名は番です。 「現在の経営陣に不を持っている業員の」という前置詞句は、更する句です。主題には影響しません。私たちの完全な動詞/述語は「高くなっている」です。






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