Eating Coffee (Whaattt?!)


Coffee Picture 1

Coffee Picture 2

I eat coffee... Picture 3

I eat coffee. You read it right. I EAT coffee beans the way you eat your popcorn. I also eat ground coffee. I eat all types of coffee grinds.

I would like to state first that I don’t own a percolator (I have one but it’s 15 hours away by bus and this is another story. Hahaha). I just boil ground coffee in a small pot (the pot you use when you go camping), and pour it to my coffee cup while straining it at the same time. March 2020, the lockdown due to Covid 19 was implemented. At that time, I was still adjusting to the “new normal” and, amidst the confusion and uncertainties, even the most basic task felt like an enormous duty.  One day I got too lazy to even look for my metal coffee strainer, so I just poured the freshly brewed coffee into my cup, with all the unstrained coffee grounds which I ate, of course. I instantly liked the bitter taste of the coarsely ground coffee and its creamy aftertaste. Soon, I was eating one half tub of ground coffee beans every day. (See Picture 1, right tub) It has become my comfort food.

When the ground coffee beans became too bland for me, I leveled up by eating roasted whole beans.  (Picture 1, left tub) And again, when the whole beans became too bland for me, I added roasted coffee beans to my black coffee. (Picture 2). I also eat ground coffee as "toppings" for my black coffee. (Picture 3) 

There was a time when I ate three tubs of roasted coffee beans in just two days. I vomited so much that I thought all the insides of hell were spewing out of my stomach. I also had a headache, and I think this was because of the too much acid which my body could not longer handle. In an effort to stop myself from this habit, I even made a note for myself and put it on my bedroom wall. 

When do I eat coffee beans? I eat them at random times, but I especially crave for them when I am under a lot of stress.  As I chew and swallow each coffee bean, the bitter flavor takes me away from the reality of the situation even for a moment. And while I am typing this blog post, I am eating ground coffee beans now, not because I am under stress, but just because… I want to eat them now.

I know this has to stop. SOON. There are many ways of handling stress, but eating coffee beans is not one of them.


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