Lucky Me Pancit Canton!


my instant Lucky Me Pancit Canton recipe 

Lucky Me Pancit Canton original flavor

Lucky Me Pancit Canton is my “friend” in so many ways.        

When I was a struggling university student, Lucky Me Pancit Canton was my luxury food. Fast forward to the time when I got my first job and I could somehow afford to invite friends over. I would cook Lucky Me Pancit Canton, 5-8 packs depending on how many people there were, and I would serve it with hot pan de sal and Coke or Pepsi. Whenever there were unexpected visitors during merienda (snack) time, there’s Lucky Me Pancit Canton to save the day.

About a month ago, I steamed some spinach and carrots but I was too busy and too tired to eat them. I just covered them at the countertop, went to bed, and totally forgot all about them.

The next day, I wondered what to do with all those steamed carrots and spinach---and yes, you guessed it right—I stir fried  them and mixed them with the affordable but yummy, easy to prepare Lucky Me Pancit Canton!


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