My Not-So-New Buddy!


It was the backpack I had when I had my first dose of AstraZeneca.

It was the backpack that I had when I went on a solo trip in an effort to heal a badly smashed heart. 

It was the backpack that I had when I got lost on another solo trip and I was contemplating my next move. 

July 2021. I was walking in the shopping mall, healing a heart that has been broken for the nth time, in another case of unrequited, secret love. The heart never learns.

Anyway… I saw this maroon  bag(Is that the right way to call its shade?) and I decided to buy it right away. There were not many people in the shopping mall, not even a hundred perhaps, because the lockdown was still being strictly implemented. Imagine the joy of the sales assistant when, at 3 pm, someone (me) finally bought an item from her.

I instantly decided to travel somewhere the next day with this backpack. I like it because it’s neither too big nor to small; it’s just the right size for one-day travels.

I’ve had some adventures with this backpack. It’s even the same backpack that I used when I had my first vaccine.

The brand is not known, it’s not important to me, I never cared about brands. I care about practical use, durability, and affordability. This one’s just a little more than 300 pesos, roughly 6 US dollars.

I can feel that this backpack is going to be my buddy for quite a while. 

the outer part (Is this the back part or the front part?) 

the inner part (Should this be called the back part or the front part?) 


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