My Small Garden of Sweet Potatoes


my small garden

my harvest

steamed sweet potato tops with soy sauce, onions, and tomatoes 

sweet potato tops with canned sardines 

Last year, when strict lockdown was implemented due to the pandemic, I immediately thought of ways to somehow minimize my expenses. I asked my landlady if I could borrow one of her flower boxes outside our gate. I explained that I wanted to grow my own sweet potato. Sweet potato tops are of course edible, and they are a good source of fiber and  iron. Fortunately, she agreed, and thus began my simple gardening.

This plant is so easy to grow! I’d harvest the sweet potato tops every ten days! Sometimes I would just steam them and dip them in soy sauce with tomatoes, sometimes I would cook them with beans and other vegetables. Sometimes I put some twist and cook them with canned sardines. 

If you have a small space in your garden, you can grow this edible plant, too. If you have none, you can even grow them in a small flower pot.




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