me, drinking Bear Brand Sterilized at my desk, right after my class
photo taken with my webcam
(Those are my watercolor paintings behind me.) 


My milk at my workplace, right on my desk 

There are times when I am too busy, too sleepy, too tired, too weary to prepare dinner. There are even times when my fragile heart gets  smashed and picking the pieces up means I have to just cry silently, without any energy to get up and prepare dinner. Yes, there are nights when I just go to bed without getting a decent meal. And because of these reasons, I always keep at least three Tetra-Pak of Bear Brand sterilized full cream milk in my room. I would just consume one before I go to bed, and its nutrients are more than enough to power me up until the following morning, when I feel fresh and renewed, ready to face the day.

I like this because it’s neither too sweet nor too creamy. There are some that are flavored, but I prefer this natural milk taste and smell.

One thing I noticed about this milk is that, about 2 minutes after I take my first sip, I get drowsy. It helps me feel so relaxed.

I don’t recommend going to bed without eating any nutritious meal, but if or when, due to many reasons you inevitably skip a meal, make sure to drink Bear Brand sterilized so that your body won’t get deprived of the nutrients it needs while you recuperate.



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