Coreless Compact Tissue Paper


Tissue, Tisyu

Long before Covid-19 became an ugly part of human history, facial tissue and a bottle of sanitizer have always been essential to me. I have always been allergic to smoke and dust, that’s why.

But, the branded, cute, pretty-looking facial tissue are quite impractical for me to buy again and again. I have to save as much as I can. That’s when I started looking for another brand that would work just efficiently as the branded ones, but without leaving a hole in my pocket.

I found this coreless tissue. It’s durable yet it’s soft, just like the other popular brands that have cores.

my very first brand of compact, coreless tissue 

I also tried this brand, and it's also good. 

After quite some time, a popular company also released its own brand of coreless tissue, called Robinson’s tissue. I tried it too, and of course, it’s as good as the original coreless tissue, Tisyu.

Whenever I go shopping, I buy one pack of each brand. I am so glad to have found these practical yet high-quality products.


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