Le Minerale

No doubt—all drinking water brands in the market ARE GOOD. We have distilled, purified, and mineral water, to name only a few. I honestly do not know the difference among those, or maybe because I did not care to know. It was enough for me to know that all of those drinking water out there on the shelves are safe, FDA-approved, and healthy.

In January 2020, due to my constant eating of coffee beans, the insides of hell spewed out from my stomach. The bitter fluid or whatever-it-was that I was vomiting out  was maybe a dragon’s poop, for it tasted worse than hell. After taking Kremil-S and eating some soup, finally, I felt better. And then, my sister and her husband arrived, and they gave me Le Minerale.

I grew up in a very remote countryside, and I experimented with anything that fascinated me. I know the taste of rainwater, river water, water from the puddle, water from the deep well, and water from the artesian well. The moment I drank Le Minerale, I knew it was mountain water. Take note—this happened in 2020. Now that I am writing this post, it’s February 12, 2022. I haven’t drunk any other brand since then. On those rare occasions that I go out, I buy a very good substitute, Nature’s Spring water.

Le Minerale comes in four sizes, but I don’t exactly know the how many milliliters each size is. I, however, always buy 1.5 ml. because this is my daily consumption of drinking water. Besides, it’s so easy to drink it; I don’t need a glass to pour it in. I always buy one box of this size, and each box contains 12 bottles.

I repeat, I am not saying that the other brands are not good. THEY ARE ALL GOOD. However, each body, each metabolism, each digestive system condition is different. And, it so happened that Le Minerale is the brand that suits my difficult-to-understand-than-calculus stomach condition.


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