Gumamela at Dawn

It was not even 6:00 in the morning yet. I was on my way to the small garden outside our gated house to enjoy my steaming black coffee. I was pleasantly surprised with the beauty that greeted me. It had always been there, at the corner, planted in an old brown flower pot. I did not pay attention to it that much, because well---it was just another lovely green thing among the other lovely green things growing in our fenced-in yard…until that morning, when it surprised me with its overpowering beauty.

All the while, it was working silently, preparing to surprise us mortals with its  immense beauty. There, in the early morning light, was the Gumamela plant with its breathtakingly beautiful yellow flower. 

Thank you, beautiful Gumamela, for sharing your beauty to the world. You were truly a sight to behold. You are fleeting, for such is the nature of anything beautiful… but with this blog post, you shall be immortalized. 


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