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Linking Verb or Action Verb?

To inquire about my classes, or for a trial lesson, email me at Linking Verb means an action word that connects the topic (Subject) to a Noun, to a Pronoun, or to an Adjective. The most common Linking Verbs are the Be-Verbs in their many forms, Am, Is, Are, Was, Was, Were, Been, and Being.   Let’s take a look at the following examples:   Mark is smart. The Be-Verb IS connects or links the Subject (Mark) to the Adjective Smart. I am a model. The Be-Verb am connects the subject I to the noun model. The soldiers are brave and strong. The Be-Verb are connects the subject (Soldiers) to the Adjective strong. There are other linking verbs, however, that are popularly used. In this post, I would like to discuss these first five linking verbs, because sometimes, they function as a linking verb and sometimes, they also function as an action verb, depending on their position in the sentence. An Action Verb , as the name suggests, is a verb that is pe

My Fita Biscuits

  My mornings, of course, are not complete without a cup of steaming brewed black coffee. And what goes with my black coffee? This. Fita Crackers. I love Fita because it’s crunchy. Plus, it’s neither too sweet nor too bland. It’s perfect with my coffee. Hmm. Thanks for keeping me company whenever I work until 2 a.m., Fita.

My Workplace

  I work here. I eat my meals here. During those times that my heart gets broken, I cry here until the wee  hours of the morning, until I get too exhausted to cry, and sleep would be a great escape. I sit on my bed, for the desk is right next to my bed. This is where I compose my essays, this is where I design my customized curriculum for my students, this is where I conduct online classes.   This is where I visualize how I turn my dreams into realities. This place is my only silent witness on those moments when I rejoice or cry. Of course, I dream of moving to a better abode, with a real office/workplace at one corner of my room…but for now, the circumstances do not allow me to do so. Nevertheless, I love this place because it’s my own space.