My Personalized Purse

Yay! ^_^ 



When it comes to bags or purses/wallets, I don’t go for the brand. I go for the style, the color, and practicality. For as long as the item is durable, no matter how unknown the brand is, I go for it. The amount of money inside the purse is infinitely more important than the cost/brand of the purse. I’d rather have a plastic envelope or even a piece of paper for a purse with $1000  inside it than to have an expensive purse with almost no money in it.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this small stall in our local shopping mall. The lady was making personalized purses, and so I lined up to have one. I don’t know what material was used for this purse, but it’s definitely durable. And of course, it has my name on it, so now I like it even more.  I can see years of us being together. Hahaha! By the way, the words above my name say Forever Young. That's the brand of the purse. ^_^ 


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