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Plural and Singular Forms of Nouns

  To inquire about my classes, or for a trial lesson, email me at   Oh yes, so many learners of ESL, nouns can be quite difficult. Like, when do they know when to simply add s or es or ves, or simply change the entire spelling? Here are some of the guides that you may use. THE BEST WAY TO LEARN ABOUT NOUND AND THEIR PLURAL FORM IS TO READ, READ, READ, READ, READ ENGLISH BOOKS AND OTHER MATERIALS WRITTEN IN ENGLISH.   NOUNS AND THEIR PLURAL FORMS Regular Plural Forms Building                                              B uildings   Yard                                                    Y ards Ground                                                G rounds Carrot                                                  C arrots   Plural formed by adding -es Rash                                                     R ashes Bus                                                       B uses Birch                                                    B irc

Adverb or Adjective?

To inquire about my classes, or for a trial lesson, email me at   Adverb or Adjective? In English, some words can have the same spelling and pronunciation but have different meanings, depending on their position in the sentence. Some learners of ESL (English as a Second Language) are often confused with these words.  Here are the words that are most commonly used as adjectives and adverbs. Fast Hard High Slow How do we know if it functions as an adverb or an adjective? Take a look at the following examples. Fast Mike is a fast driver.  In the example, the word fast describes the word driver , and driver is a noun. Therefore, the word fast functions as an adjective. Compare: Mike drives fast . The word fast describes how Mike drives. The word drives is a verb.  Therefore, the word fast in the given example functions as an adverb. The same principle applies to the following examples: Hard Mike is a hard worker. (adjective describing

King Sisig-Bulalo World

  The brown crunchy thing was of course yummy! The egg was perfectly cooked! My bowl of hot, comforting complimentary soup in a Bulalo World bowl, my King Sisig waiting number showing my favorite number 11!  If you happen to be in Ever Gotesco Shopping Mall, Commonwealth Avenue Quezon City, or even if you just happen to be nearby and all of a sudden, hunger pangs strike, go to King Sisig-Bulalo World located at the lower ground floor. That’s just what happened and that’s just what I did when I was there, running errands. After inspecting (and smelling) the other restaurants nearby, I decided to just go to King Sisig-Bulalo World. Ooops, don’t get me wrong, haha… I also (in fact, always) eat at those other restaurants nearby but at that particular moment, my body chemistry was not in synch with the smell of the other places, and the aroma coming from King Sisig-Bulalo World was what my stomach was craving for. Of course, the place is clean, and the people who prepare the meals are r