Adjectives And Their Degrees of Comparison

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People, places, things, events, and other matters are inevitably compared.  And each time we compare them, we use Adjectives and their degrees of comparisons.

The adjective has three degrees of comparison—the Positive, the Comparative, and the Superlative.

If the adjective is a short word, this means—if it has only one syllable,  and in some cases, two syllables, simply add -er for the Comparative degree and -est for the Superlative degree. If the adjective is a long word, add more for the Comparative degree and (the) most for the Superlative degree. Take a look at the following examples.

Positive                                             Comparative                      Superlative

warm                                                 warmer                                warmest

big                                                     bigger                                   biggest

funny                                                 *funnier                              *funniest

lovely                                                 *lovelier                            *loveliest 

difficult                                              more difficult                     (the) most difficult

amazing                                             more amazing                    (the) most amazing

*Note the change in spelling.

When to use the positive degree of comparison:

We use the Positive Degree of comparison when we are talking about only ONE thing.

The blue box is big.

We use the Comparative degree when we compare TWO things.

The red box is bigger than the blue box.

We use the Superlative degree when we compare THREE things or more.

The green box is the biggest of all the boxes on the shelf.

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