OF (Preposition)

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Here is another short post that students of ESL or English as a Second Language can read.


The man was accused of spreading fake news. 


She doesn't approve of her daughter's wearing revealing clothes. She is too conservative. 


Former US President Barack Obama assured then-Vice President Biden of his support when the latter declared his interest to run for the presidency. 


Beware of women who smile at you at the ladies' room. They just want to take a look at your kikay kit! 


He always boasts of his achievements. He thinks he is cool but actually, nobody cares about whatever he does in his life. 


My neighbors like playing loud music at 5:00 in the morning. No matter how much and how often I complain of the noise, they just don't care. At all. 


My wardrobe consists of dresses and tights. 

The team consists of five players. 


His wife is verbally abusive. His friends and family have been convincing him of divorcing her. 


This capsule can't cure you of your headache. It relieves the pain, but it doesn't cure it. 


I often dream of sunbathing in Maldives. 


A flawless skating performance is always expected of Yuzuru Hanyu, and he never disappoints. 

Get rid 

How can I get rid of my freckles? Freckles are not common among Southeast Asian women like me. 


Her room smells of chamomile tea and roses.


I suspect Mike of cheating on his wife. I have to find it out by myself. 


When you think of the past and the decisions you made then, do you feel happy?


The little boy is tired of doing his homework. He says he doesn't want to go to school anymore. 


The Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Service Administration (PAGASA) has to warn the fishermen of the approaching super typhoon. 


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