Days Gone By


Staedtler mechanical pencil and the equally nice black one whose name/brand has become too faded to read

                                                       the many lead holders still  full of lead


I lived in a time when owning a mechanical pencil, even the most affordable one, was really cool. As a university student, I really wanted to have a mechanical pencil but my then-antagonist pockets never allowed me to.


When I got my very first serious job I wanted to have them, for at that time my pockets were already a little friendly to me, but I deemed it impractical to buy one. I had bills to pay and some people to support.


Now I have two mechanical pencils. One is Staedtler and the other’s name/brand has become too faded to read (apologies to the company that made the black one), but both pencils were given to me by my Japanese friend, so I am sure that the black one is of a very high quality mechanical pencil as well.

 With these two pencils are lead holders filled with---lead. I put them all in this cute Mickey and Minnie case.

Sadly, I can’t use them, for my grip is too strong and each time I attempt to use one pencil, I just end up breaking the lead so many times.

Also, the days for mechanical pencils are almost over, I guess, because very rarely do we see a person writing on paper notebooks. Most people now use their smartphones in almost all aspects of their lives.

So why, then, am I still keeping them? Simply because they are a beautiful reminder of days gone by.


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