Lumix Panasonic Digital Camera


my digital camera, with a reflection of my wide forehead as a bonus pic  hahahahahaha!!! 

                                                              digicam battery and charger 

Some years before the invention of the smartphone, we took pictures with a digital camera. This Lumix Panasonic digital camera makes me nostalgic because it was kind of given to me by a friend who had to go back to Japan in 2014. He did not give it to me formally but this camera was one of his many belongings that he couldn’t take back home to Japan, so he left those items in my care and I was instructed to do whatever I wanted to do with them. I told him that I wanted to have this digicam. 

I have traveled to many places, alone, with this digital camera. I captured moments and images with this reliable old school device.

I have a smartphone now, just like everyone else, but I will never, ever get rid of this digital camera. It has become a part of my life story.



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