Tired Of Or Tired From?


Many students of English as a Second Language or ESL are quite confused with the difference between TIRED OF and TIRED FROM.

TIRED OF simply means something is no longer interesting. It has become too common, too boring for you, and sometimes, you are even repulsed by its presence.

Let’s imagine that you really love pasta. But, if you eat pasta for breakfast, for lunch, and for dinner every day, you will eventually get bored with it. In this case, you are tired of pasta, or you are tired of eating pasta. You no longer get excited eating pasta.

Note: The expression TIRED OF can also be used with people. 

Example: I am tired of my boyfriend. I want to break up with him and date a more interesting guy. 


The expression TIRED FROM means you are physically tired, your body is tired. If you work hard in your garden the whole day, of course, you get very, very tired. In this situation, you are tired from working in the garden the whole day.


Take a look at the following examples:

I am tired of living in this small house. I want to work hard and buy a nice house in the suburbs.

Last night, I went to bed very early. I got so tired from working in the factory for twelve hours. 

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