TOEIC Lecture 5


Many students of English as a Second Language or ESL do not just learn speaking. They also want to take English exams. The most popular English exam among employees in Korea and in Japan is the TOEIC exam, or Test of English for International Communication.

Here is TOEIC Lesson 5! Enjoy reading! 

With the election over, the new candidate could now ____________ her attention toward solving the unemployment problem.

a. turn

b. held

c. change

d. alter


Okay, this is another vocabulary question.

The answer is A, Turn. 

There is no rule here because of Word Collocations. What does this mean? It means, there are many words that just go naturally with other words.

We always say turn one’s attention to” something/somebody.  It’s a set.

To turn one’s attention to something or someone simply means move or transfer our attention to something else or someone else, to shift our focus to something or someone else. 

 Example sentences:

1. We are polluting the air by using fossil energy. It’s time to turn our attention to cleaner and sustainable energy sources.

2. The bear chased the hiker for about 5 minutes. The hiker remembered to throw his backpack to the ground while he was running away from the bear. The bear turned its attention to the backpack on the ground.

Many ESL students ask me, “But how can we know word collocations?”

Simple. Read. Read. Read. 

We can naturally learn prepositions and word collocations when we read, read, and read.

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