TOEIC Lecture Part 9


Okay, this is another question that is super easy to solve. And again, I would like to repeat that the explanation offered here is for those TOEIC test-takers who are not yet very familiar with the structure of the English language. As we know, many students of ESL, or English as a Second Language, do not just focus on speaking English. Many of them take English exams, such as TOEIC or  EIKEN, for career advancement. 

Okay, so, let's solve TOEIC Question 9! 

This year’s excellent _________ has earned our production plant renown in the company.

a. performed

b. performable

c. performance

d. perform

-Gakken TOEIC- 

The phrase This year’s is in the possessive form. This is followed by a noun, but---the word excellent is an adjective. This is another clue.  Again, after an adjective, there’s a noun. We have to look for the noun among the four choices.


Performed- This is a verb in its past or past participle form.

Performable- This is an adjective, this can’t be a good choice.

Performance- This is a noun.

Perform- This is a verb in its base form.

Therefore, the right choice is Choice C, performance. Thank you very much for reading this post! 

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