All The Foods I Was Given During The Holidays


All The Food I Was Given During The Holidays


I live alone and I love it this way. I sometimes prepare decent meals for myself, but I NEVER cook anything on holidays. I just go about with my days eating whatever there is to eat.


This doesn’t mean though that my tummy gets left out during those festivities. Below are the foods given to me, as in delivered to my door and village gate, during the holidays. 

NOTE: These pictures are unedited, the colors are not enhanced. I never post "instagrammable" pictures. I always use a very simple camera phone and I take pictures of objects, foods, etc. as they appear, as they register on my lens. 


December 24- December 25 Foods

given by my landlady 

roasted chicken and I don't know the other two side dishes--but I ate them and they tasted really good. 

Obviously, it's salad---but I don't know what salad it is.  It was really yummy.

pan-de-sal stuffed with homemade ham

the ever smiling, undefeated bee from the Philippines 

a meal from Jollibee- palabok and chicken 

well-done steak with buttered shrimps 

December 31- January 01 Foods
given by my landlady 

My landlady says this is molo soup. It was good; I liked the aroma of the herbs. 

meaty and cheesy spaghetti from my friend Ivy G. 

yummy Graham Cake baked by Ica G.

This is maja, a kind of rice cake. 

This "food delivery" has been happening since 2015, when I moved in here. 

See, it's good to be living alone. During holidays, food just comes by---delivered right at your doorstep. Hahaha!!







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