TOEIC Lecture Part 12

Students of English as a Second Language, or ESL,  also take English exams

These exams include TOEICTOEFLEIKENIELTSOPIc, and other English exams. Here is another TOEIC question for your practice!

The  style of explanation given in this post is  for those people who are not yet so familiar with English words and English sentence constructions.

Thank you very much, let's all enjoy learning TOEIC Part 12!

This question should be very easy to answer even for those who are not so familiar with answering TOEIC questions.

The board members meet only ___________, usually only when there is a problem.

a. occasion

b. occasions

c. occasional

d. occasionally

-Gakken TOEIC 

We have to put an adverb in the blank. This is an adverb of frequency. This answers the question How often.

Among the four choices, which is an adverb?  If you say it’s Choice D, occasionally, then you are right!

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