TOEIC Lecture Part 14


Hello there, students of ESL (English as a Second Language)! As always, we are here again to discuss some important TOEIC lectures!

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As I always mention, the explanations given here are for those test-takers who are not yet so familiar with the structure of the English language.


Here is another TOEIC question from ETS.

1.     Tanner Publications is currently seeking a copy editor with previous experience __________ excellent communication skills.

a.     Such

b.     But

c.      And

d.     Unless

The choices are all conjunctions, or simply put, connectors. As a rule, all connectors should connect, or bridge, words that are of the same category.

But, since the choices are all conjunctions, we have to define each conjunction.

Such- We use this when we give example of things we previously mentioned

But- contrast, opposite

And- of the same kind

Unless-except if


Now, let’s take a look at the phrase:

“…with previous work experience (this is a noun) _________ communication skills (also a noun)

Therefore, we have to connect the two nouns using the conjunction AND.

Choice C, therefore, is the correct answer.

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