TOEIC Lecture Part 16


Here is another short but informative lecture for our students of English as a Second Language (ESL) who are preparing to take the TOEIC exam. This question is from ETS. 

And, as I always mention in any of my TOEIC-related posts, the explanations given here are from the point of view of those TOEIC students who are not yet so familiar with the structure of the English language. 

Have fun answering the question from ETS! The explanations are given right below the question. 

International experience is the main _________ that separates Mr. Sloan from the other candidates for the position.

A.   Qualified

B.    Qualification

C.    Qualify

D.   Qualifying



We know that we should be looking for a noun to complete the sentence. How do we know it?  There are some signals here that clearly state we need a noun.

First, the phrase “the main __________.” The is always followed by a noun. It doesn’t matter how many adjectives or modifiers there are right after the word “the”; there is always a noun after all those modifiers.

Second, the word “main” is an adjective so it has to be followed by a noun. Among the four choices, which one is a noun?

Choice B, Qualification, is the right answer.

Choice A, Qualified, is the past tense and past participle form of the base verb Qualify.

Choice C, Qualify, is a verb.

Choice D, Qualifying, is a participial adjective and it doesn’t  make any sense if we use this word to fill the blank.

Thank you for reading this short lecture!

See you again soon! 

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