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My Lumanog Guitar

  my guitar with my scented candles and paintbrushes  my guitar with my indoor plants  I turn to anything artistic whenever I feel down. I turn to painting, I turn to poem writing, I turn to songwriting, I turn to story writing… and to guitar. The first time I owned a guitar was in 2007. I forgot the brand, but it was pink so I bought it. It was borrowed by a friend, he lent it to his friend, his friend lent it to his neighbor. After a few months, when I saw my guitar again, it was no longer pink and shiny. It looked old and dusty, it was covered in scratches, and two strings were missing. June 2021, I bought this guitar. This one’s chosen by my brother. I’m not a professional guitarist, I am still learning a lot of chords, so this one’s the best choice for a super beginner like me. It’s Lumanog. Someday when I’m good at it, I will go to a mountain summit alone---and sing John Denver’s Annie’s Song to the setting sun.        

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