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Beauty Face Masks from Korea

My niece has an online shop. She sells face beauty masks from Korea.   The masks bear the highly-coveted ISO logo. Not only that, the masks proudly bear the GMP logo, or Good Manufacturing Practice logo—which is a symbol of excellent products manufactured in South Korea. This symbol ensures Efficiency, Safety, and Stability. The  masks are authentic, directly from the Korean supplier. The masks are cute and colorful, so I got inspired to feature them here. OLIVE It deeply moisturizes the skin and it fights bacteria, protecting the skin from acne and other infections. POMEGRANATE It helps in the production of collagen, and it has an anti-aging effect.   EGG Contains protein that maintains the elasticity and firmness of the skin   CUCUMBER Prevents premature aging; it hydrates the skin.   PEARL Has minerals and amino acids that protect the skin from ultraviolet rays COLLAGEN Improves skin elasticity and it reduces wrinkles VITAMIN Slows aging by protecting the skin from t

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