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Word Collocations

日本語版はこちらをクリック Word Collocations How many English words are there?  Nobody knows. Who can enumerate them all? Nobody can. Another ineffective but widely-accepted  practice? Memorizing words in isolation. It's good to memorize words. Of course. BUT, memorizing words in isolation has created another problem for English learners. They sometimes misuse those words. When memorizing a new word, that word has to be used in a sentence within a paragraph, a text, or a short story. This helps the student  develop his ability in using context clues. Knowing word collocations is very important.  When students memorize only words and their synonyms, they tend to  misuse the words. For example, one synonym of the word payment  is honorarium.We can say payment for the engineer's services, payment or wage for the house helper, but it's not good to say honorarium for the helper. The word trade is given as a synonym for exchange, but we don't trade email addresses,